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How to Know if a Sigma Male Likes You

12 Sure Signs That a Sigma Male is Interested Romantically

Known to be quiet, independent and reserved, there’s no doubt that the rare Sigma male isn’t always as forthcoming with their feelings as we’d like them to be. Luckily, when it comes to romance, there are a few tell-tale signs to look out for when trying to figure out if a sigma has feelings for you.. Or someone else for that matter.

1. He Can Discuss Hypothetical Future Plans With You

Sigmas march to the beat of their own drums, and not much can change that.. But with their elaborate imaginstation, they’re able to envision many potential routes to take in life, and they are good at remaining open to all sorts of adventure. But not just with anyone.

In fact, most hypothetical adventures and future projections the Sigma plans are based around solitude. Yet, if a sigma can really see themselves getting along with someone in the long run, they may dive into the territory of joint adventures.

If you can get a sigma to talk about potential couple camping trips, travel adventures, business ideas, and even things like alternative family life - you can be certain he’s open to pursuing some sort of relationship.

2. He’ll Linger Close Within Your Vicinity

Like we said before, the independent sigma man has a large personal bubble that they’re not exactly fond of people overstepping. Yet, when a sigma man is interested in someone, they tend to do things that are completely out of their nature, and ditching the constant need for personal space is one of them.

It’s not to say that the romantically interested sigma becomes free of their needs of boundaries, but if they’re noticeably letting down their walls of personal space, there is a good chance they know you and like you well enough to feel safe to do so; they would never let down their walls to a stranger.

They won’t automatically become touchy feely though. Instead the sigma man will take small strategic steps to letting the other person in, for example, instead of telling you your shirt tag is sticking out, they will go ahead and tuck it in for you without asking.

Subtle gestures like this may not seem like a big deal, but it is completely out of nature for the sigma man , and is often an indicator that they like you on some level. And for the last and most sure way of knowing if a sigma man is really interested..

3. He Can’t Stop Thinking About You

Once the thought of someone has made it into the Sigma’s complex brain, there’s no getting rid of it. While it’s not the easiest way to actually tell if a sigma man likes you, if he’s admitted that he thinks of you - it’s not just an obligatory comment.

Sigma’s won’t charm someone unless they want to pursue them, and even then - charming isn’t always their first approach. So, if a sigma communicates that they “can’t get you off their mind” or “have been thinking about you all day”, you can be sure he’s just as surprised and taken-aback as you are.

4. He Can Forgive and Forget

Even brand new relationships and friendships have hiccups. For example, maybe the sigma man had to wait around because the person they were interested in didn’t know what they wanted. Or maybe, he's even been rejected by you before.

If a sigma man makes an effort to forgive and forget these small, but hurtful events, then he probably really has feelings for you.

In fact, a key sign that a sigma man is falling for you is when he prefers to make amends before things fester or get out of control. That’s also a sign that he wants to be with you longterm and is willing to see past your indifferences.

5. He Wants to Help You

Any man who is interested in a potential partner will feel compelled to help in some manly way. For the sake of the sigma male and their stereotypical strengths and hobbies, things like going out of their way to help someone fix a bug on their computer to the most extreme end of things like introducing someone to an alternative lifestyle that breaks free from social norms.

The sigma male is no different in that he wants to use his skills to actually help the person he’s pursuing, and not just to woah them or win them over.

6. He’s Not Afraid to Be Vulnerable

Sigma men can talk a good game if they’re given the chance, but if a sigma can become vulnerable enough around someone to show them what’s behind the mask of mystery, there’s a good chance he probably really likes you.

When a sigma truly feels like it’s worth it, he will begin to loosen up and show his quarks. Maybe he seems mysterious and even unapproachable when he's by himself but when a sigma is with someone he can picture himself with he feels he can let his guard down to be his authentic self. And we all know it’s not easy to crack the sigma man.

7. He Accepts Favors

Sigmas pride themselves on their independence and self-reliance. In fact, Sigmas would rather take the more difficult road less traveled over the beaten path anyday, just to maintain that sense of individuality. They don’t ever want to burden others, or seem needy in any way, so they’re not always inclined to take favors from others.

Yet, when it comes to someone they have they’re eye on, the sigma man is known to let down this guard and accept a lending hand - but mostly for the sake of making the other person feel useful. They’re intuitively clever, allowing them to realize the importance of taking and receiving favors as a social gesture; but that’s just about the only time you’ll see them accepting unnecessary help.

8. He’s a Complete Gentleman

Unlike extroverted men that find it easier to charm people by being polite; the sigma male can usually find themselves at a crossroad. Sigmas won’t show interest until they’re sure they’re not overstepping any boundaries by going out of their way to be polite.

Considering their reserved nature, when a sigma challenges themselves to show their soft-hearted and approachable nature to someone consistently, it’s a sure sign they’re interested in some way. They may seem as if they’re always working to make an impression on you, but only if he feels like the other party is reciprocating.

The last thing they want to feel is socially humiliated. A sigma male will show his gentleman-side by doing and saying all the right things, and even if his attempts fail miserably, they were from the heart - which says a lot about how he’s feeling.

9. He Wants to Protect You

Primally, men are the protectors. So, a great way to know if he’s interested in you, before he may even know himself, is if he uses this primal instinct of protection towards you. Little things like putting a hand on your back when crossing the road, or bumping up close to you when in a strange or overcrowded place together.

In fact, these gestures are even more significant for the private sigma who enjoys personal space. While it may be second nature for an alpha to take seemingly heroic measures to protect others, the Sigma won’t necessarily get involved unless they really care about the person they’re protecting.

10. He Finds Your Weirdness Charming

Relationships and romance is all about vulnerability and being yourself, and sigmas know this deep inside. Even if it takes them longer to show their quirky side, a sure way to tell if a sigma male is interested is when he warms up to someone’s authentic selves.

In fact, sigma men won’t consider their feelings unless they feel like they really know someone anyway. So, if he finds someone’s quirkiness rather charming, it’s a sure sign that he’s probably willing to stick around even after the infatuation and honeymoon phase is over.

11. He Gives You Undivided Attention

It takes something really interesting to get the dreamer sigma to climb down from their inner minds and stay present. So, if a sigma’s attentiveness is obvious, they’re undoubtedly interested in one way or another.

If he doesn’t really pay much attention to anyone else around when he’s with you, his eyes are locked on you and he has no desire to look away or tune out - it’s worth diving deeper into the curiosity that he very well may be interested.

12. He May Suddenly Turn Awkward

The funny thing about sigma men is that they tend to be good at flirting when the pressure of actually impressing someone isn’t there. In other words, sometimes it’s easier for them to talk to people they aren’t interested in romantically.

This is because they tend to freeze when they’re challenged to “say the right thing” rather than just allowing the conversation to flow naturally. He may seem slightly taken-aback when approached by someone he’s interested in, and may even stumble his words or give somewhat cold and short responses.

The unhelpful thing with this tip is that this can be a very similar reaction of a sigma who is feeling the exact opposite of interested in someone, so it's difficult to rely on this point solely.