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11 Surprising Truths About INFJs

INFJs, also known as "The Advocate," are often viewed as enigmatic beings - a combination of mystery and depth that leaves others in bemused awe. This unique personality type comprises of only 1-2% of the population, making them one of the rarest type on the Myers Briggs Spectrum.

INFJs are known for their intuition, empathy, and strong sense of justice, but there's more to this personality type than meets the eye. So here are 10 SURPRISING TRUTHS about INFJs, you probably never knew.

1. They're Introverts Who Are Adaptable to All Types of People

INFJs are a unique breed of introverts who possess a rare combination of empathy and adaptability. Despite their tendency towards solitude and introspection, they have quite the magnetic charm that draws people towards them and makes them feel at ease.

INFJs are known for their ability to understand others on a deep, intuitive level and connect with people from all walks of life. They can easily adapt to any social situation and are able to quickly read the mood and energy of a room, allowing them to seamlessly blend in and become a valued member of any group.

This chameleon-like ability to adjust to their surroundings is a testament to the INFJ's open-mindedness and willingness to see the world from multiple perspectives. They are the ultimate diplomats, able to find common ground and bring harmony to even the most conflicting of situations.

However, despite their seemingly effortless adaptability, INFJs never lose touch with their own values and beliefs. They are confident in their individuality and know how to assert themselves when needed, making them well-rounded individuals who are comfortable in their own skin.

2. They Are Creative Masterminds, but Their Nervous Energy Can Limit Their Confidence

INFJs are like the quiet geniuses of the personality world. They have a rich inner life filled with imaginative and creative ideas, but their nervous energy often holds them back from fully embracing their talents.

Think of INFJs as the Picassos in our society - they have this raw artistic talent, but they just need a little nudge of confidence to unleash their masterpieces. However despite this inner turmoil, INFJs are creative masterminds at heart and have the potential to be game-changers in their respective fields.

They just need to harness their confidence and trust in their unique perspectives, and the world will be their canvas.

3. They Have a Variety of Interests but Get Bored Easily

INFJs are jack-of-all-trades when it comes recreation. They have a seemingly endless supply of interests and hobbies, but they often have a short attention span, which means they can quickly get bored with something once they've mastered it.

These curious individuals have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to constantly learn and grow, nevertheless their natural tendency towards novelty-seeking can make it difficult for them to stick with something for very long.

Their array of interests can range from art to science to politics, but their tendency to get easily bored can also make it challenging for them to focus and develop their skills in a single area. Like a goldfish with ADHD - they're always on the lookout for the next shiny object that catches their eye.

4. They Love Being in a Relationship but Hate Clinginess

INFJs often have a contradictory love-hate relationship, with relationships. They love being connected with other souls but they loathe clinginess more than anything else. These deeply empathetic individuals crave emotional intimacy, but their strong need for personal space and independence can make them recoil at the thought of being smothered by their partner.

However despite these conflicting needs, INFJs usually make incredibly loving and dedicated partners. They just need a significant other who understands their need for space and is willing to give them room to grow and pursue their own passions.

5. They Over-extend Themselves but Secretly Regret It

INFJs are like the volunteer fire fighters of the personality world. They always run towards the problem, ready to save lives, but secretly regret it as soon as they get burned out.

They just have an innate inclination to jump into action when people need help, and an inconvenient tendency to say "yes" when requests are made of them, and it’s this that often leads to a never-ending to-do list and feelings of overwhelm.

However despite their propensity to over-extend themselves, INFJs are compassionate and caring individuals who truly act in order to make a difference in their corner of the world. An admirable rarity amongst humans - they just need to master a balance between helping others and taking care of themselves.

6. They Will Remember Your Story, Strengths and Weaknesses, but Will Probably Forget Your Name

INFJs have a strong ability to connect with others on a deeply emotional level and retain many of the details of their interactions with pinpoint accuracy, However sometimes their tendency to focus on the bigger picture can cause them to forget smaller, seemingly insignificant details like people’s names.

Think of INFJs as the librarians of the human memory bank - they have an incredible capacity to store and recall important information, but the Dewey Decimal System doesn't always cover all the intricate details in their conversations.

Nevertheless, INFJs remain highly compassionate individuals who truly care about those in their company. They generally have a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the people in their lives, and they use this information to make their connections more meaningful and deep.

7. They Cannot Tolerate Any Kind of Injustice Whether It is Happening to Them or Somebody Else

INFJs are the justice seekers in the Myers Briggs spectrum. They possess an unyielding determination to right wrongs and restore balance wherever they see injustice, be it inflicted upon themselves or others.

They see themselves as protectors of their realm - ready to unsheath their sword of righteousness to fight for what's fair and true. Their passion for justice knows no bounds and they'll go to great lengths to see it served.

However, beneath their tough exterior lies a kind and empathetic soul - ultimately aiming to bring peace and harmony wherever they go.

8. They Crave and Fear Recognition in Equal Measure

INFJs are like ambivalent artists. They yearn for recognition, yet they are intimidated by it in equal parts. These individuals have a deep-seated need for validation and acknowledgement, yet at the same time, they shrink from the bright lights of the stage - wanting to take a bow, but also wanting to hide behind the curtain.

Perhaps its their compassionate nature that leads them to downplay their own accomplishments and strengths, focusing instead on the strengths and achievements of others. Or perhaps it’s their strong introspective and self-reflective side, which can lead to a sense of humility.

Constantly evaluating their own thoughts and actions, this self-reflection can lead to a recognition of their own limitations and imperfections. And its this self-awareness that can contribute to a humble attitude and modest perception that they are somehow undeserving of great praise.

But whatever the reason, INFJs long to use their gifts to make a difference in the world, whether they get credit for it or not.

9. Their Minds Are Never Quiet

An INFJs mind can be like a human storm. They have a million thoughts and ideas swirling around in their head at any given moment, like a tornado of thoughts that just won't settle down.

These complex individuals are constantly processing information, analyzing emotions, and pondering the deeper meaning of life. An INFJs mind can also be equated to a never-ending party, where every thought and idea is invited, and they all come together in a wild and chaotic dance.

There's no off switch for an INFJ's brain, it's always on and always buzzing with activity. It's a carnival of thoughts that is equal parts exhilarating and exhausting.

This often makes them a little scatter brained and forgetful at times, but INFJs ability to think deeply is what gives them their gift of imagination, allowing them to see things no one else can.

10. They Cannot Function Without Having Time for Themselves

INFJs need time and space more than any other type. These introspective individuals require regular doses of alone time to recharge and refocus their minds. Without this time to themselves, they are like a car running on empty, they may keep going for a while, but eventually they will sputter and stall.

Many often have the power to understand and connect with people in a way that is nothing short of amazing, but that energy expenditure can take its toll and so time to recharge is an essential requirement for an INFJs healthy existence in the world. They need this time to reflect on their emotions, recharge their energy reserves, and quiet the chaos of the world.

11. Their Intuition is Highly Accurate. Every Time They Choose to Ignore It, They Only Regret It

INFJs are gifted with a sixth sense like ability that tells them when something is off, and whenever they ignore it, it always spells trouble. Their intuition can be thought of as a navigation system, with a built-in GPS that will point them in the right direction.

When they listen to their intuition, they are guided to their purpose and all the answers that they seek. but when they ignore it, they end up lost and confused. INFJs are a complex and multi-faceted personality type with a lot of surprises up their sleeves.

From their deep intuition and empathy to their mysterious and reserved nature, their nothing quite like an INFJ. So whether you're an INFJ yourself, or just happen to know one, hopefully these surprising truths has given you a newfound appreciation for this unique and remarkable personality type. But let us know, has this list surprised you?