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10 Surprising Secrets Of The INTP Personality Type

The ingenious traits of the INTP personality type allow them to perceive the world in a way that other types can’t quite relate to. Living in a world of inner thoughts and ideas, they can sometimes come off as being disconnected and reserved, but in reality this perceiving type just chooses to not share their deep thoughts to the world. So.. we’re here to share a few of them instead!

10 Surprising Secrets Of The INTP Personality Type

1. They Want to Seem Smart

INTPs don’t necessarily care about what others think of them in the grand scheme of things.. But if they’re caught seeming less educated than they are, they may take measures to prove their level of intellect. Known to be a walking encyclopedia, the INTP prides themselves on their intellectual abilities, and rightfully so.

They work hard to keep their endless accumulation of inner-information up-to-date and accurate. And so, naturally they want to be recognized for their efforts. Call the INTP any name in the book and they won’t get offended, but comment on their intellect in a negative light and you can be sure they’ll try to change your mind. 

2. Nothing Is Ever Black and White

Speaking of their intellectual abilities, there’s never a moment when the INTP isn’t sorting data into the most precise categories within their inner filing system. This curious type analyzes every piece of information thrown at them, first deciphering if the information is true or not according to their existing knowledge.

Accuracy and truth are the most crucial components to a piece of information in the eyes of an INTP, with the simplest of details making all the difference. To this type, to say you drive a sports car doesn’t cut it. They want to know the make, the model and the color in order to really grasp it in their minds..

Even if they’re the least bit interested in cars themselves. Context is also important, as INTPs need to see things from all angles to fill in as much information as possible before coming to a conclusion.

3. They Can’t Stop Connecting Ideas

So.. what does the INTP do with all this information? Well.. that might be the biggest INTP mystery of them all. To truly understand the inner workings of this complex type’s inner mind takes some serious research. But to put it simply for the sake of this third INTP secret, they are constantly connecting the data they’re sorting.

In fact, if you ever witness an INTP drifting off into thought, with their head in the clouds, they’re probably in the process of connecting ideas or analyzing new information to connect. They may even disconnect mid conversation due to witnessing a piece of information that solves one of their many inner puzzles.

Neuroscientist expert Dario Nardi explains that this INTP process is actually referred to as trans-contextual thinking. This is the ability that all extroverted intuitives share that allows them to create connections in the mind between things or ideas that aren't typically associated with each other in a particular context.

4. They Know More Than They Tell

There’s no arguing the fact that INTPs are often underestimated for their intellectual abilities, as we discussed briefly in the first shared secret.. But, why is it that the INTP is rarely given the credit they’re due? Well, due to their extraverted thinking function, most of their analysis is done privately. 

While they may come off as spacey and even detached at times, inside the INTP mind is filled with ingenious solutions and ideas that would baffle others.

In fact, even when this analystial type decides to share their inner thoughts, they are usually too complex for others to follow. Even though they want to seem as intelligent as they are, they also understand that their thoughts are unique, and not always interesting to the average person..

Which ultimately encourages them to keep most of their discoveries to themselves. Little does everyone know that the INTP actually holds the second-highest IQ scores of all types on average.

5. They Feel Pulled to Investigate the Mysteries of Life

Any conclusion based on the idea of things “just being the way they are because that’s the way they are” is never good enough for the INTP personality type. They don’t settle for mediocre explanations to even the simplest of concepts, but that’s not exactly a secret about this information-hungry type.

What does come as a surprise to most people, however, is that INFPs are a naturally adventurous type, just not necessarily in the traditional sense. Instead of feeling compelled to explore the world around them, they use their stubborn curiosity to investigate theories and ideas on a deeper level.

They use their vast imaginations to influence the direction of their observations in order to absorb the necessary details needed to solve their curiosities. Sounds complex.. But to the INTP, it’s second nature.

6. They Give Some of the Best Advice

While INTPs aren’t exactly the overly empathetic type you’d want to run to when times get tough, they’re actually the ones you should go to.. This is because while care and nurturing care go a long way, the INTP is the friend that will tell you how it is.

They can easily point out logical errors and discrepancies within an issue - broadening other people’s view of the situation in order to find a reasonable solution. In fact, it’s not always for the benefit of the other person as it is for their sheer drive to get to the bottom of something.

This is why when it comes to problem solving in particular, INTPs will put all of their current affairs on hold to give you their undivided attention and analysis. Overtime, an INTP will eventually come to a deeper understanding of people’s personalities allowing them to provide deeper insights and solutions.

7. They’re Almost Never Satisfied in Life

Considered the idealistic logician, people with the INTP personality type are rarely satisfied with where they are in life. With such a deep understanding of the world and a drive to use their knowledge to their advantage, the INTP can’t help but to imagine how things could be better than they are.

They feel a need to constantly try to improve things, solve problems and find new topics to learn about rather than addressing the needs and responsibilities they already have in life. They think that attempting to reinvent the wheel in life will at some point get them to where they need to be.. And they may be right.

But their need for perfectionism sometimes stands in the way of actually accomplishing their forever recycled interests.

8. They’re Main Drive Is Their Own Standards

INTPs aren’t interested in competing for the same reasons other people may be. Unlike many other personality types, logicians aren’t driven by thing like the need to impress their boss, be accepted by others or get a well-respected job title.

As a matter of fact, the INTP is usually a little turned off by the entire concept of motivational measures such as check-in meetings, team-building exercises and watercooler chitter chatter.. And there’s more to it than just being an introverted type.

INTP are only motivated by their own curiosities and the high standards they set for themselves. This doesn’t mean they’re hard working just for the sake of it, but they do take their standards very seriously.

9. They Crave Companion More Than They’d Like to Admit

The unique traits that make up the INTP personality type usually come as a pleasant surprise to their romantic partners, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for this introverted type to find someone. Due to their need for significant alone time and shared intelligence, the INTP not only has high standards for themselves, but also for the people they let into their lives.

This alone makes it significantly more difficult for INTPs to date which is why they’re not exactly keen on the whole idea of having to go out and meet someone.

Sure, they’ve analyzed relationships and the concept of romantic connection, but logicians may drag their feet when it comes to actually putting their knowledge into action. And so, although they may act as if they’re not interested in a partner, they’re only human.. And humans need connection!

10. They Despise Being Rushed

Being a personality type known for their incredible thinking process doesn’t come easy. In fact, INTPs normally require a little more time weighing out the pros and cons of a situation before offering advice or making a decision.

And so, when they feel rushed in any sense it can cause them a great deal of stress. Especially in terms of long term decisions or impactful life choices, the INTP requires hours, sometimes even days or weeks to properly conclude. It may seem like a form of procrastination or avoidance at times, but the wait is almost always worth the outcome.