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8 Irresistibly Charming ENFP Characteristics

Considered the most charming of all 16 personality types, the ENFP social-butterfly is known for their naturally magnetising essence. With an upbeat attitude and a big heart, this spontaneous type is able to instantly make anyone feel comfortable in their company, but what exactly is it that makes this type so charming in the first place?

8 Charming ENFP traits that instantly attract people
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Today we’ll be talking about the 8 charming ENFP traits that instantly attract people.

1. They Are the Keenest of Communications

It's no surprise that the extroverted ENFP campaigner is often brimming with things to say - being that they have an innate knack for words and humour. However, they wouldn’t get the name of being such great communicators if they didn’t also have the ability to listen.. 

Luckily, the ENFP loves to discover other people’s viewpoints just as much as they like to contribute their own. They have great story telling skills that are backed up with the patience and understanding to truly listen to opposing views and opinions. This balance gives all ENFP conversations that natural flow and comfortability that people claim they feel when discussing with this creatively communicative type.

In fact, this unmatched ability to lead positive and enjoyable banter mixed with their caring and empathetic nature gives this social butterfly the rare ability to get along with even the most antisocial and unagreeable people. Not to mention, the ENFP is usually quite aware of social cues, allowing them to swiftly steer conversations out of boredom and disagreements, an ENFP strength that not many types can relate to.

2. They Hold a Fine Balance of Energy & Enthusiasm

Said to be one of the most convincing and encouraging of the 16 personality types, the ENFP could ultimately sell anything to anyone. With unwavering passion towards life itself, this warm and bright personality exhibits an enthusiasm that is contagious, but not overbearing.

Sure, this extroverted nature can seem like it may be too much for some personality types to handle, but with the ENFP’s ability to analyze how their information is being received, they can easily tone it down to fit all sorts of communicative preferences.

They have the ability to encourage even the most stubborn of people into changing their ways because they don’t taunt, guilt or shame people into making a decision. Instead, they prefer to use genuinity and kindness to push their view, and even then, ENFP’s remain unoffeneded should someone not take them seriously.

In fact, the interesting thing about this energy and enthusiasm is that it doesn’t come from out of the blue.. the ENFP personality type needs to be actively interested in something in order for their persuasion to really work.

3. They Prefer Deep Conversations Over Small Talk

Just because the ENFP is considered an extroverted personality type doesn’t mean they like talking for the sake of talking. Actually, most ENFPs can’t stand the thought of prolonged small talk because of the lack of genuinity and reasoning behind it.

While it may seem like they are all fun and spontaneous on the outside, an ENFPs emotions and curiosities of the world around them run extremely deep. They have a natural longing to understand the human experience at a deeper level and love to find out what makes people tick - and so for the ENFP, surface level conversations often just don't cut it.

The complexity of the ENFPs imaginative and open mind fuels their constant search for new ideas, experiences, perspective and adventures - and they usually use social communication as their vessel of discovery.

Luckily, this preference for the deeper side of conversations is usually a refreshing take for people, giving them the space to question things they’ve never thought of questioning. And what’s more charming than discussing the meaning of life?

Well.. probably a lot of things actually, but with an ENFPs lighthearted spin on things, deep conversations aren’t as heavy and emotion provoking as they sometimes can be.

4. They’re Extremely Perceptive

With introverted feeling as the ENFPs secondary function, this empathetic personality type tends to place a greater value on emotions and feelings than they do on logic when it comes to decision making. 

They follow their hearts and the feelings of others to come to conclusions that exhibit harmony and inclusiveness - making sure nobody gets left behind. In fact, one of the most charming characteristics of the ENFP personality type is their sensitivity to the feelings and needs of others.

They can easily pick up on even the subtlest of shifts in other people’s mood, and then adjust their next steps accordingly. Ultimately, ENFPs would much rather go with a decision that pleases everyone rather than the seemingly most logical decision because they value emotional harmony above all else.

5. They Have Unmatched Spontaneity and Vigour for Life

Whether you’re looking to expand your interests, find a hobby, or try something you’ve been meaning to try for ages, you can always rely on an ENFP friend to experience it with you. In a world of routine and conformity, the ENFP’s spontaneous nature surely stands out from the crowd.

While so many personality types can easily get caught up in the nitty gritty details of life, the ENFP uses their curiosity to see things from a greater perspective. They are always up for a new adventure or experience that they’ll use to gain greater insight into the world around them.

In fact, ENFPs will do whatever it takes to maintain their freedom and creative ability within their lifestyle. Being as imaginative as possible in how they spend their hours, ENFPs are always striving for newness with their innate ability to find beauty and fascination in everything they encounter.

This spontaneous nature means they are not afraid of venturing beyond their comfort zones, which is seen as an understandably attractive quality in the eyes of the more detail-oriented types. Creative and curious, ENFPs show others the true meaning of seeking out every opportunity their surroundings offer, in the funniest way possible.

6. They Have Uncanny Humour

ENFPs have a unique genuinity about their happiness in life. While they have the ability to sink deep when they need to, for the most part, this bubbly personality type is usually focusing on the happier things in life.

They love to laugh, and love to bring that same joy to others, often in the form of quick-wittedness, pounds and playful jokes. One of the first noticeable traits that make the ENFP so attractive is this uncanny humour that they use to make even the most boring and emotional situations into a laughing fest for everyone to enjoy.

The ironic thing is that this ability comes so naturally that sometimes they don’t even realize they’re doing it! It’s a natural ability that other personality types find extremely valuable and magnetising to be around. I mean, it’s fair to say that if everyone had the ability to find humour in any situation life throws at them, the world would be a much happier place..

In fact, ENFPs try their best to use this innate talent to bring positivity to the people they love during dark and stressful times - and that goes far beyond charm.

7. They Make Everyone Instantly Feel Accepted

ENFPs have this natural welcoming essence that makes everyone feel at home. Because ENFPs have such a desire to understand people on a deep level in combination with their natural witty extroversion, they can easily make people feel like they are the only person in the room.

They make people feel heard, validated and important when communicating with them; creating a feeling of acceptance that a lot of people can’t find elsewhere. In fact, this is why being around an ENFP can feel almost addicting, with their uncanny ability of making everyone feel like they’re a best friend.

Non-judgmental, open-minded, and good-natured, ENFPs genuinely want everyone to feel accepted around them and have the exact skill set to do so - usually without even trying.

8. They Have True Respect for Others

No matter who this charming personality type comes into contact with, they always come bearing true respect and appreciation. No matter of social class, career position, appearance, age, or anything else that defies a person worthy of respect in today’s toxic world - the ENFP holds unwavering respect for everyone.

They don’t like the idea of hierarchy, belittlement, or power, and feel much more comfortable with an equality approach to work, home life and hobbies. Using the introspective views on the world and people around them, this type sees the best in people and sees the act of judging a book by it’s cover completely obsolete. This allows them to attract and connect with all sorts of people, resulting in numerous friendships in nearly all sectors of their life.

So, do you know an ENFP, and if so, do they have these 8 charming traits?