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Rating Each MBTI Type | Weirdness


INTJs definitely have some weird traits. This personality type tends to be fiercely independent and frequently presents as secretive and moody. They may also be rather domineering at times, which makes them seem a little odd to other people. Some individuals find the tremendous intensity of INTJs to be quite seductive, while others find it repulsive.

Although INTJs can come across as a little strange, this is what makes them so inspiring. Regardless of how ambitious they may be, they are fiercely independent and committed to achieving their objectives. They stand out from the crowd because of their unique blend of brilliance and self-assurance. INTJs embrace their weirdness and make their own paths through it.


INTPs could be the weirdest personality type. The defiant and unconventional characteristics of INTPs are well recognized. They are individuals that are unconventionally creative and frequently march to the beat of their own drum.

INTPs don't always think like other people and have an exceptionally distinctive view on life. Their imaginative and original concepts frequently provide a distinctive presence that fascinates and excites others. They notice patterns in the environment that others miss, and the radicalness of their ideas frequently astounds others.

Many incredible scientific discoveries and innovations have been the result of INTP creativity. Albert Einstein was an INTP, for instance. They are an excellent example of why peculiarity ought to be embraced. They add to the world's fascination with their unique personalities.


ENTJs aren't typically odd in the conventional sense, but others may find them to be such because of their drive and dedication to greatness. However, that is what makes ENTJs so motivating. They don't back down from a task and, if necessary, will push themselves past their breaking point. They should be praised for their persistence, resolve, and readiness to take chances in order to accomplish their objectives.


ENTPs are frequently regarded as one of the most bizarre and odd people around. They are informed, inquisitive, and unconventional thinkers. Some individuals find ENTPs' imaginative thoughts weird or even repulsive because of how creative they may be.

They like researching various concepts and hypotheses and are capable of developing very extraordinary solutions. Because ENTPs don't want to follow the rules, they can come across as a little strange.

Others find it challenging to keep up with them since they frequently push limits and seek out unforgettable experiences. But this is also part of what distinguishes and inspires them. They are always coming up with innovative ways to communicate their thoughts and improve the world.


These thoughtful, profound people are sometimes misinterpreted because of their complicated personalities. INFJs can be so cryptic and secretive that others can find them unusual or difficult to understand. They inhabit a unique universe, one that is filled with deep emotions and nuanced sentiments.

They may appear a little weird as a result of their conduct being challenging to understand. INFJs have a reputation for having unusual views and ideologies. They have a distinct perspective on the world and are really passionate about bringing about change.

INFJs are motivated by their moral compass, and they frequently stand up for causes in which they have a sincere conviction. Although their enthusiasm occasionally causes them to lose control and appear strange, it is also what makes them unique.


These ethereal and sensitive people have an uncommon outlook on life that many others find difficult to understand. INFPs frequently become caught in their own notions and run wild with their imaginations. Because of this, it's simple for INFPs to lose touch with reality by becoming lost in their vivid inner worlds and dream universes.

They might come across as a little strange because of this, but that's exactly what makes them so interesting. The imaginative brains of INFPs and their special capacity to make their fantasies come true may make them a potent force. The fact that INFPs love the unknown, which many others find unsettling or terrifying, is another peculiar trait of this personality type.

Even if they get lost, INFPs aren't afraid to stray off the path and experience life on their own terms. So although INFPs can come across as a little odd, that is also part of what makes them so unique.


ENFJs tend to be born leaders and are frequently complimented for their interpersonal abilities. They also have a gentler side, which some people may find odd or peculiar. This side is introspective and profoundly thoughtful, which enables them to instantly comprehend the feelings of others.

Additionally artistically inclined and greatly appreciative of beauty, ENFJs are. They are fascinating and perplexing to spectators because of their combination of power and sensitivity.


ENFPs constantly seek out novel methods to convey their inventiveness and passion for life, which might occasionally come off as odd or bizarre to others. ENFPs dislike following the rules. They favor pushing limits instead.

They are odd to some people but inspirational to others since they are frequently at the forefront of movements that question established standards. With their distinctive viewpoints and unusual thought processes, ENFPs frequently present a new perspective that can upend the existing quo. They are extraordinarily unique because they accept their quirkiness as an integral part of who they are.


ISTPs can come out as irrational and risky to others, but there is much more to it than that. Although their casual demeanor occasionally comes across as odd or irresponsible, it is just this demeanor that makes them so inspirational. ISTPs embrace their eccentricity and utilize it to explore the world without worrying about criticism. No matter how difficult they may be, they forge their own trails and pursue their own trajectories.

10. ISFP

Due to their unusual demeanor, others view this introspective type as weird. They create the trends instead of adhering to or following the fads. ISFPs stand out from the crowd thanks to their independent approach. It might be challenging for more conventional people to comprehend their distinct drive for creativity in music, fashion, and art.

11. ESTP

ESTPs’ excitement might occasionally come out as odd or peculiar to others. ESTPs frequently take chances, which makes them look crazy. More conservative or calmer people may find their impulsive way of living and tremendous energy off-putting or perplexing, and they may view their conduct as weird. However, ESTPs are true originals that never give up when faced with difficulty.

12. ESFP

People who don't understand the ESFP personality type may find it weird because they have no reservations about expressing themselves freely and honestly. But it's just this that makes them exceptional and motivating.

ESFPs embrace their eccentricity and use it to stand out and benefit people around them. They may be bold in their approach and are always coming up with new methods to express themselves.

13. ISTJ

These reserved and analytical people sometimes strike others as odd owing to their precise way of living. ISTJs are frequently extremely organized people who do well in regimented settings. They are very committed to what they do and work very hard to achieve their goals. Although they are conventional and classic, this adds to their appeal.

14. ISFJ

ISFJs are trustworthy and accountable, and they are constantly prepared to assist. To others outside who don't understand their need for protection, this might also make them seem odd or out-of-date. Even though they have one of the less bizarre personality types, they still have their own distinct qualities and inspirational qualities. ISFJs may teach us how to treat people with compassion and kindness.

15. ESTJ

ESTJs place a high importance on discipline and organization, and they may be tough when it comes to adhering to the law. This is a fairly common, even laudable feature, yet because of their bluntness and directness, ESTJs can also come across as odd. ESTJs don't mince words; they express their opinions without reserve. They may come out as intimidating or threatening as a result.

16. ESFJ

ESFJs are not usually all that weird. They frequently stand out from the crowd in a distinct way since they are known for being the life of the party and extremely sociable. ESFJs work hard to uplift those around them. This may appear to be too controlling or invasive, but in reality, it's only an expression of how much ESFJs care about the people in their lives.