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Rating Each MBTI Type | Friendliness


Just because an INTJ is gregarious doesn't imply they are always pleasant. They can put on a friendly front to win people over, but they may not always want to. INTJs are typically more reclusive and only feel at ease in the company of persons they actually care about, like and trust.

Since they try to avoid connecting with most strangers, INTJs are typically not very outgoing. They are not antisocial; they are simply extremely selective about the individuals they choose to engage with.


Because of their propensity to withdraw, INTPs are not often thought of as extroverted people. They could come out as a little reclusive when they try to avoid talking to others. When they are in a social mood, INTPs may certainly put on a welcoming demeanor.

Strangers usually have different ideas about them since they are courteous and even pleasant to people who are closest to them. To put it simply, INTPs need a lot of alone time and detest being forced into social engagements.


Because of their extroverted personalities and charm, ENTJs may be very amiable people. They enjoy having the opportunity to meet new people, especially if it helps their careers. ENTJs are receptive to establishing new friends, but they are picky about who they truly let in.

They prefer to be loyal to having a huge number of untrustworthy friends. Though they may appear to be compassionate, ENTJs are often angered by the behavior of others because they believe that most people are a little naive. If you are enjoying our content, please give this video a like, subscribe to our channel and do not forget to turn on the notification bell.


ENTPs are unquestionably extroverted people who enjoy a variety of social circumstances. ENTPs are friendly to new people and eager to learn about all facets of life. They don't want to remain steady for too long and always want to push their comfort limits. ENTPs can occasionally be aggressive and challenging, yet they can also be kind and charming. They have wonderful senses of humor and like making other people laugh and smile.


INFJs are usually gregarious people who can put on a phony smile when necessary. While they love talking to some people, they quickly become bored. INFJs may appear to be gregarious and outgoing, but on the inside, they may be feeling overworked and exhausted.

They usually have the ability to mask some elements of who they are and have the ability to put up a convincing face while speaking to others. INFJs are friendly people, however there are times when they don't feel like connecting with others. They could thus come out as distant or even busy. When it comes to INFJs, it fully relies on the day and mood you catch them in.


Because INFPs are complex people, they might fluctuate from being extroverted and quite reserved. When they want to, the INFP may frequently make an effort to be sociable, especially if they are with someone they actually adore.

They typically are quite funny and are skilled at making other people laugh. Simply put, INFPs must be able to prioritize their desire for solitude. They will appear much less gregarious and perhaps even a touch reserved when they need some space.


ENFJ personalities are friendly, gregarious, and love interacting with people. They typically are quite animated and are great at meeting new friends. ENFJs can come across as warm and charming because to the way they handle themselves. People enjoy being around ENFJs because of their warmth and friendliness. They enjoy spending time with people and thrive in the company of friends and loved ones.


The ENFP personality type is characterized by extroversion and charm. When they are feeling up to it, they enjoy social engagements. ENFPs are frequently lively and joyful, however other people might develop into introverted and quiet persons.

They actually like making acquaintances and socializing with new individuals. But periodically ENFPs become a little tired out and need to get away and be by themselves. Despite being extraverts, they have extremely rich inner minds, which occasionally makes them require time to contemplate and process.


ISTPs are not often thought of as pleasant people, simply because they prefer to be alone. ISTPs like their independence and having the freedom to do anything they want. They aren't always anti-social and are capable of showing people love and respect. ISTPs don't tend to have a strong urge to interact or be friendly with strangers. They feel much more at peace when they can spend the most of their time alone.

10. ISFP

ISFPs are clearly lovely and sociable individuals who like communicating with others. ISFPs need a lot of alone time while being friendly and compassionate. They will surely be social when they run into pals, but if they become overstimulated, they will make every effort to shut down.

Simply said, ISFPs require a lot of alone time to recharge and reclaim their identity. They are friendly, yet they don't always like to talk to other people.

11. ESTP

ESTPs are generally perceived as being incredibly sociable since they are social people by nature. They like connecting with people and desire to be viewed positively. Even though they can be friendly when they want to, ESTPs occasionally simply need to be left alone.

Everything depends on how the ESTP is feeling and what they are thinking about at the moment. If they are anxious, they will be far less pleasant than if they are joyful.

12. ESFP

People who identify as ESFPs are highly outgoing and typically like making friends with everyone they meet. The ESFP personality type relishes engaging with strangers. They frequently spend hours talking with a complete stranger as their friends or family prepare to leave the store. Simply put, ESFPs love interacting with people and like getting along with everyone.

13. ISTJ

Among friends, ISTJs may be sociable and extroverted while yet being respectful and responsible. The need for solitude is great among ISTJs, who are easily upset by excessive social engagement.

However, they are aware that periodically they must show themselves as extroverted in order to grow in their professions. Though they may and often do so, ISTJs don't always want to interact and establish friends.

14. ISFJ

ISFJs are nice and friendly people who like communicating with others. They do need a lot of alone time to recharge, but they also value their interpersonal skills. They typically exhibit warm, amiable attitudes toward coworkers and outsiders. Despite their lack of gregariousness, ISFJs will nonetheless give people a smile and some encouraging words.

15. ESTJ

Although ESTJs are kind, they occasionally use a little forceful. It entirely relies on their current state of mind and situation for ESTJs. If they are in a good mood, they will typically be kind to everyone they meet and will enjoy the chance to meet new people. If the ESTJ has had a tough day and feels overwhelmed, they will be seen by outsiders as being utterly disagreeable.

16. ESFJ

ESFJs often have a friendly disposition and take pleasure in meeting new acquaintances. They are friendly and typically appreciated by others, especially when they are attempting to win them over.

If the ESFJ is feeling overworked and worn out, they may look much less extroverted and even a touch too hyper-focused on what they are doing. However, ESFJs are friendly and approachable when they are in a good mood, even with complete strangers.