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MBTI 16 Personalities - Casual Dating | Ranking

We have ranked each one of 16 personality types in one of these categories.


ISTJs detest superficiality and frequently detest the experience of casual dating. They either want to be alone or they want to be with someone who makes their lives better. ISTJs emphasize loyalty in their relationships and take their promises seriously.

For ISTJs, casual dating is frequently depleting and extremely unpleasant; it generally feels pointless to them. ISTJs are serious, goal-oriented individuals who strive to progress forward in all aspects of their lives.


ISFJs are compassionate, dedicated individuals who place a high priority on future planning. They truly detest commitment-free relationships and dislike casual dating. Otherwise, their lives would be a complete waste for them, thus they want to meet someone they can spend their entire lives with.

ISFJs dislike casual lifestyles, particularly when it comes to their romantic relationships. They don't enjoy wasting their time on things that aren't going anyplace serious and instead prefer to build genuine connections with individuals.


Loyal and trustworthy, ESTJs seldom ever partake in casual dating. When they are younger, they might go through something, especially if it makes it easier for them to blend in. The ESTJ might give casual dating a try, but they'll probably get bored with it.

They genuinely want to connect with someone and have a deep bond with them. Relationships are extremely important to ESTJs, and they seek partners who are dependable and truthful. If you are enjoying our content, please give this video a like, subscribe to our channel and do not forget to turn on the notification bell.


ESFJs abhor casual dating and won't settle for a relationship with someone who isn't passionate about them. They value commitment and seek a partner with whom to spend their lives. They place a high value on their relationships and have a strong sense of responsibility for the people in their lives.

Because they dislike casual relationships, ESFJs may find dating to be a little tiresome. They don't want to waste their time on anything casual; they only want to be with someone who will be faithful and dedicated.


INFJs are inclined to take these things more seriously and are typically not supporters of casual dating. While they certainly know how to have a good time, they don't seem to value casual relationships. INFJs really detest wasting their time on things that aren't going to last and want their relationships to be meaningful.

They might not like dating in general because it is frequently superficial and unconnected. They desire relationships with people who put them at ease right away and don't trust most people very quickly. Even though they might give it a shot for a while, the INFJ rarely loves casual dating. In the end, they despise shallow relationships and want to meet someone with whom they can be completely honest.


In general, INFPs are not interested in casual dating or actually doing anything informal. In their lives, particularly in their love life, they only desire genuine, meaningful bonds. Although INFPs enjoy trying new things, they eventually become frustrated and worn out by the superficiality of casual relationships.

INFPs will avoid these kinds of interactions since they don't want to waste their energy on people with whom they don't connect and feel at ease. INFPs are easily depleted by superficial connections, thus casual dating tends to turn them off.


ENFJs want to take life seriously and detest superficial relationships. They will probably try casual dating at some point in their lives, but they detest it terribly. Instead of wasting their time dating someone they don't see a future with, ENFJs prefer to form deep connections with others.

They cherish being able to feel at ease with their loved ones since they care about them. ENFJs could find themselves getting bored and a little uneasy when it comes to casual dating.


Because ENFPs like to try new things, they might engage in casual dating. They love the ability to expand their horizons and detest being stuck in one place for too long. Casual dating is something ENFPs are inclined to explore, and they may even find some aspects of adventure enjoyable.

In the end, ENFPs don't truly enjoy casual relationships, especially over the long term. They yearn to have a strong and meaningful connection with others and long to feel truly connected to them. Relationships are important to ENFPs, and they genuinely want a partner who would love and accept them for who they are.


ISTPs are intrepid individuals who delight in trying new things. Since people can be a little demanding in relationships, commitment can be challenging for ISTPs. The ISTP enjoys being single because they value their independence and personal space. They are able to enjoy themselves and be in the present moment while being able to have someone when they desire thanks to casual dating.

10. ISFP

Since they love being in the present, ISFPs don't mind dating. ISFPs will go on dates to get to know people and determine what they want in a partner. They don't like how casual it is, but they also don't want to hurry into anything important before they are sure. While ISFPs frequently look for a deep connection with a partner, they aren't afraid to wait for it.

11. ESTP

Casual dating is something that ESTPs truly appreciate since it allows them to be present. They appreciate being able to enjoy themselves and seek out adventures in life. For ESTPs, dating can be a pleasant and exciting activity that introduces them to new people.

12. ESFP

Since they strive for fun and excitement in their lives, ESFPs typically like casual dating. ESFPs enjoy meeting new people because they enjoy interacting with others. Dating is frequently a terrific method for people to experiment and discover what and who they like.

13. INTJ

In general, INTJs dislike casual dating and may even find it to be a little exhausting. At some time in their lives, they probably participate in it, only to find that it does not make them happy. The majority of people fatigue INTJs, therefore they prefer to surround themselves with those with whom they can actually relate.

INTJs desire to form real connections, not waste time on people with whom they can't truly connect. Because INTJs detest pretense and lack of sincerity, they are easily depleted by superficial connections. Before deciding to date someone who does not suit them, they would want to be alone.

14. INTP

In general, INTPs dislike casual dating and may find it to be draining. They despise social interactions that don't add any worth to them and are depleted by anything superficial. INTPs frequently prefer to be alone themselves and find it exhausting when they can't connect with others.

They usually prefer long-lasting, meaningful partnerships and detest anything brief or informal. INTPs would much rather not waste their time with the wrong person and remain unmarried. Since they don't fear being alone, casual dating frequently feels inappropriate to them.

15. ENTJ

Although ENTJs enjoy trying new things, they hardly ever show interest in casual dating. When they are younger, they will probably go on casual dates to see what they like and what they desire. Since they dislike wasting time, the ENTJ will get tired of casual dating very quickly.

They only want to form relationships that will last and cherish loyalty. ENTJs dislike fragile personalities and favor dependable, sturdy people. They appreciate activities that give their lives actual meaning and significance, thus they frequently become weary of casual dating.

16. ENTP

ENTPs take pleasure in discovering all the opportunities the world has to offer. Due to their inquisitive inclination, ENTPs frequently try casual dating for a while. They enjoy testing their limits in search of what they truly desire in relationships and in life.

Every event is a chance for ENTPs to learn and develop, and dating will be no different. While ENTPs will undoubtedly try casual dating, they will eventually realize it is a waste of their time. They like being able to be with an individual who pushes them to improve and they desire to feel connected.